About Us


Our vision is to transform the lives of people affected by inflammatory disease and cancer. Despite significant progress over recent years many patients are unresponsive to current treatments or do not reach long-term remission.

Our goal is to address unmet needs through our unique understanding of fibroblast populations. Often overlooked in the past, single cell data now show us that fibroblast populations play an important role in influencing immune effector cells in disease.

Mestag’s Founders have helped to shape a new understanding of fibroblast populations, identifying exciting new biology and opening up new therapeutic approaches.


Our team is working with urgency to develop a portfolio of first-in-class antibody programs to translate new science to patients as rapidly as possible. In parallel, we are also working with our collaborator Janssen Biotech, Inc to identify new therapeutic targets using our fibroblast biology platform.

Based in vibrant biotech hub Cambridge UK, Mestag’s international team is led by experienced drug discovery experts, backed by leading global life science investors.

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